Our Mission
  • Provide a global platform for aspiring students and professionals.
  • Bolster their stand on the international spectrum.
  • Offer seamless, high-quality training.
  • Deliver the best learning experience possible.
  • Exceed expectations with exceptional service and support.
Our Vision
  • Become globally recognized as a leading organization.
  • Fulfill the educational needs of working professionals and students.
  • Attain the highest standards of excellence in training and consulting.
Our Strengths
Industry-Leading Expertise

Learn from passionate professionals with real-world experience.

Tailored Curriculum

Choose from customized programs to meet your specific goals.

Hands-on Learning

Apply your knowledge through practical exercises and projects.

Unwavering Support

Receive ongoing guidance and assistance throughout your journey.


Connect with fellow learners and industry professionals.

Partnership with IBM

Access world-class training solutions.

Our Focus
  • Emerging Technologies
    Data Science, Artifical Intellience, Machine Learning and more.
  • Organizational Development
    Empowering employees through current technological trends.
  • Career Advancement
    Helping individuals reach their full potential.
Our Philosophy
  • Collaboration
    Building a supportive community for success.
  • Innovation
    Continuously seeking new ways to improve learning experiences.
  • Excellence
    Striving for the highest standards in everything we do.
Our Courses
AI (Artificial Intelligence)
Deep Dive into the World of Artificial Intelligence
Data Science
Ready to unleash your inner data wizard and land your dream job?
Data Analyst Program
Unleash Your Inner Data Detective: Introduction to the Data Analyst Program
Generative AI
Unlock the Power of Creativity and Innovation
Why AI Simplifie
Hands-on Learning
Live Projects
50+ labs and 30+ assignments
1500+ interview preparation questions
Know How
Industry-leading expertise
Industry-best trainers
Tailored curriculum
Lifetime access
Know How
Unwavering support
Dedicated placement cell
Personalized guidance
Peer support
Know How
Program Highlights
AI Simplifie: Where Passion Meets Expertise- Top-Notch Faculty Await You
Deep Dive with AI Simplifie's Exhaustive Course Curriculum: Practical Exposure meets Theoretical Foundation
Bridge the Gap between Theory and Practice: Reallife Projects and Bootcamps at AI Simplifie
Learning Path

This path equips you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve your career goals.

Ace Your Interview

Land Your Dream Job

AI Simplifie's Interview Preparation Sessions are more than just Q&A sessions. It's transformative experience that will:

Boost your confidence

Walk into your interview with the swagger of a data rockstar.

Refine your communication

Articulate your expertise clearly and concisely, leaving a lasting impression.

Spot strengths & weaknesses

Get personalized feedback to hone your skills and become the best version of yourself.

Gain insider insights

Learn the unspoken rules of the data science inteview game and avoid common pitfalls.

Inspiring Stories of Success